About Us

Proliferation of technological advancements has drastically changed our lifestyle and also caused huge impact on living pattern . The new development of medicine and vaccines is helping to save the lives of thousands of people around the globe but darker side of these modern drugs are also causing side effect on our bodies. Apart from this Modern lifestyle also has negative effects on physical, psychological, and social well being of human Poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking, overuse of alcohol, poor diet, lack of physical activity and inadequate relief of chronic stress are becoming key contributor in the development and progression of various preventable chronic diseases which can be reduced or corrected by making the changes in the lifestyle. By the time one realizes, the damages caused by it becomes almost irreversible. Dependency on electronics gadgets are becoming root cause of electromagnetic smog around us, and these radiations are causing irreversible damage to our body on cellular level.

But the good news is that Dr Rilling Institute India has tied up with the best research institute who are involved in the alternative diagnosis, healing & protection therapies with the help of ultra modern gadgets which are used as alternative therapy equipments and has very positive effects on various types of illness that to without any side effects. The organisation has also collaborations with the various institutions whose scientists are continuously working to develop solutions for reversing the damages caused by the modern lifestyle so that a person can have healthy life and may contribute to build better nation. All these therapies come with an only rider that is CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE FOR HEALTHY LIVING.

Mission and Vision

Healthiness through substainability! We are developer and manufacturer of products who measuring human body, protecting human body and supplement important minerals and vitamins to human body.Our moto is to Be fair and honest to our customers and followers!

We are a small family based company with honest background. All our devices and products are developed and made in Germany. With many years of experiences (Dr.Rilling) we have developed our products