Product description

The bioscan-SWA contains/combines live computer science, biophysics, electrical engineering and high-tech sciences projects as well as data of other sciences. Electrical engineering is used to measure the very low magnetic field of human cells based on the theory of the scalar-physics findings.

The bioscan-SWA analysis is a similar functionality compared to the cell communication within humans body. Because of this functionality it is possible to capture information about dysbalances, stress and regulation (defect and excess) of our energetic body field.

The bioscan-SWA offers innovative advantages for wholistic analysis capability and prevention for the practice. The analysis provides results of over 250 parameters taken during a measurement time of 90 seconds.

Application area

The biocybernetic analysis system bioscan-SWA provides indications of dysbalances and regulation like defect and excess e.g. for the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease
  • Gastrointestinal functionality
  • Hepatic, gallbladder, pancreas
  • Kidney and lungs functionality
  • Bone disease, -density and -growth
  • Amino acids
  • Homotoxine
  • Trace elements and vitamins
  • Immune system
  • Heavy metal

Management reference data

Beispielbild Projektmanagement
  • Convenient input of user reference data
  • Selection between „therapy history“ and „realtime measurement“ added
    During the measurement process of the therapy history at every follow on measurement approx. 5-10% measurement results will be taken in account from the previous measurement results
    With the option „realtime measurement“ no previous measurement results will be taken in account and with that the captured results are always showing the current condition
Beispiel Projektmanagement
  • Placement of 3 profiles possible
  • Setup possibility of 3 profiles with different protocol assignments (individual choosable for female or male) Example:
    Profile 1 ⇒ known profile with 32 protocols
    Profile 2 ⇒ only vitamins, homotoxine and trace elements
    Profile 3 ⇒ only organ systems like alimentary canal

Measurement and test protocol

250 parameters within 90 seconds are measured. The proband holds a measuring probe in his hand. The results of the measurement are transparent shown in a test protocol.

For each paramater there is an analysis report created. The most notably dysbalances (defect or excess) are combined highlighted and reviewed within a single snapshot.

Logos can be easily uploaded into the test protocol.


  • The values taken from the first and second measurement are confronted highlighted in the comparison protocol.
  • A tendency arrow is showing the change in comparison between the first and the second measurement.
  • It can be choosen if all parameters in comparison shall be highlighted or only a snapshot.

Additional module


Additional module psyche according to Antonie Peppler (founder of the creative  Homöopathie®)
The philosophy of the creative Homöopathie® is the association of every single physical symptom with a mental blockade. Therefore the symptom language is the mirror to not processed mental topics.
Every single measured parameter gets aligned to the specific mental topic and offers new insights and treatment approaches.

Additional module „psyche“

bioscan-SWA user experiences

MR Dipl. Med. Christian Albrecht:


This happens often: A patient complains of symptoms with different intensity and in different areas which cannot be assigned definitely and the patient further complains of exhaustion, limpness and so on. Also after examining a patient thoroughly I do not get an assured diagnosis. Maybe the patient is “ill in condition”? The next step I would use as an aid is an extensive laboratory testing. For a qualitative useful and target-aimed result 50 parameters are necessary. But who is willing to pay such high laboratory costs?

In this case bioscan-SWA helps: After a one minute scan of the energetic body field this analysis method generates about 250 values, which give detailed information about the actual state of health. A following laboratory testing of pathologic results for comparison may be limited to several parameters. According to my experience those bioscan-SWA results approximately comply with laboratory findings. Congruency is about 85 – 90 %.

I highly estimate this precision and repeatability of bioscan-SWA anayses in my daily practice. Another advantage is the graphic reprocessing of numerical values: I see at a glance normal or more or less anomalous values. For my patients those graphic overviews are comprehensible immediately. They might get insides about their state of health, they see deviations and dysbalance. Control scans while and/or after a therapy show how results change.

The patient is actively involved in diagnosis and therapy. bioscan-SWA makes an early diagnosis in accordance with salutogenesis possible:  MWith biocan-SWA it is possible to distinguish not only
actual pathologies but it is also possible to distinguish anomalies of certain parameters as evidence for beginning regulatory disorders. As a consequence physical disharmonies can be treated preventively when they arise. My experience is: In case of many patients “ill in condition” this simple and cost efficient bioscan-SWA analysis can give reasons and triggers for problems, which would not be distinguished by a conventional diagnosis.
That is why bioscan-SWA is an ideal and for me an indispensable addition to conventional methods like ultrasound, endoscopy, laboratory, CAT scan or magnetic resonance imaging. bioscan-SWA is easy to handle. Although this computerised analysis system is not (yet) accepted by academic medicine and established physics, I do not want to miss this expeditious, soft diagnostic because of its high precision paired with reproducible results in my daily practice.